Scrub A Dub Dub... March 15 2016

A New Way to Scrub (A Dub)

There are so many exciting things to share that I’m just going to jump right in. If you follow us on social media you know that I’ve been working on a new line for the Apothecary…SOAP! That’s right, I’ve been crafting the very best handmade cold process soap in microbatches here in the studio for a few weeks now. Our first two bars are ready to go with many more arriving in the coming weeks. To start off we have our original Secret Garden and a soap only scents of Orange Blossom + Thyme, Unicorn Daydream and Once Upon A Dream  Since we are just beginning this adventure we are introducing this new line at only $4.00 a bar. That is a $2.00 savings of the final retail price of $6.00.


Each bar contains Olive Oil (thought to be good for cell regeneration), Coconut Oil (all natural and produces a wonderful lather), Palm Oil (the largest natural source of tocotrienol, part of the Vitamin E family), and Mango Butter (thought to exhibit excellent moisturizing properties while countering the drying effects of bar soaps). Every batch is different in color and fragrance and is based on the inspiration of the day. Some will contain natural colors and fragrance oils as well depending on the scent. This much is true, it is a beautiful piece of artwork and a lovely addition to any sink. Our testers are in love with the scents and lather and you will be too. Pick one (or five) up today!



Just For You…


We have a lot of amazing customers that LOVE our products but for whatever reason (allergies, job, spouse etc…) can’t use products that are scented. Well, today is your lucky day. We will offer Sugar Scrub, Embalming Cream, and Soaps in the non-scent aptly named, Invisible. This unscented version of our embalming cream, sugar scrub and soap is for those customers that want to look and feel luxurious while being covert. Blend into the background while being soft and smooth, become invisible yet irresistible to the touch.





You can find us at Sparkle! Designs and Jewelry in Lawrenceville, GA and Agnes Scott ladies can find Black Ring Mafia on campus in their gift shop. Interested in carrying our line? Send us an e mail here for more info.


Be Kind and Share!


There is no greater compliment than seeing a great review of our line. It lights up our day when we’ve been tagged on your Instagram feed or mentioned us on Facebook. Small companies like us depend on this type of “word of mouth” advertisement so THANK YOU!! Tell your friends about us, Pin us on your boards and spread the Apothecary love. #ilovepaa


Peace, Love and Light,