It's February! February 04 2015



February is my most favorite month of the year. It’s unique for being so short and boasts a lot of fun holidays like Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day. Let’s not forget about the President’s on the 16th too! The most important reason February is so awesome is because it’s my birthday month :). I am thrilled to get older every year, it means I’m alive! If I could, we’d celebrate everyday but I’m sure the hubby isn’t down with that and neither is the bank. We’ll see who’s paying attention to my posts because the first person (whom I don’t personally know)  that can guess the date of my birthday will get a little present from me. Just comment on Facebook and the first person to get it right wins.




Ahhh Valentine’s Day. I personally adore it because it’s an excuse to get chocolate and celebrate with loved ones. It’s a bigger deal with the kids than the hubby and I. We always celebrate with a fun dinner (heart shaped pepperoni pizza anyone?) and some treats. For all my single friends use this as an excuse to treat yo’ self! I suggest starting off your home mani-pedi with one of our sugar scrubs followed by our extremely moisturizing embalming cream.


Back to the history, did you know the most popular theory about Valentine's Day origin is that Emperor Claudius II didn't want Roman men to marry during wartime. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret weddings. For this, Valentine was jailed and executed. While in jail he wrote a note to the jailor's daughter signing it "from your Valentine”. Talk about a tragic love story!!! So BAM proof that Hallmark and Hershey’s did NOT invent this holiday for profit. Want to learn other fun facts about Valentine’s Day? Click here.


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I have been smelling all sorts of notes of late and have picked several to make their debut this year. I have two that I hope to release in March. Let us know on Facebook which you are looking forward to most. A few lucky people that order this month will receive a perfume oil sample of one of our new scents BEFORE it is released for free.


Secret Garden


Imagine walking through a lush grove. This refined yet inexplicably simple fragrance is soft, green and fresh lending to a powerful fragrance all its own.




It’s not always easy restraining yourself from what you desire. This irresistible combination is unisex making it even more tempting. With exotic notes of amber, cinnamon, vanilla, myrrh, neroli and patchouli you will become the temptation of others.





That’s it friends! Have a spectacular February and as always hit us up on Facebook and twitter for the latest info. I am here for you so e mail or message if you have any questions. Don't forget about our Pirate Anne Scrub/Cream combo that is on sale. Only a few of these deals remain...25% off Whaaa?


Peace and Love,



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