Sugar Scrub...The Tutorial February 24 2015

There are several ways that we personally use the luxurious foaming sugar scrub. Below are a few of the ways we suggest.


Rinse hands and pat dry. Scoop out a small amount and rub in a circular motion. Slowly add water to achieve the desired amount of exfoliation. The less water you use, the stronger the scrub. Suggested areas include hands, elbows, feet, legs, arms etc... our base is safe on your face but irritation from the fragrance may occur so we don't suggest using it on sensitive areas of the body. Always test in a small area first.


Don't have time to go to the nail salon? Use the scrub on your hands and feet followed by our extremely moisturizing cream and you are well on your way to having incredibly soft skin.

Kids and their not so sweet smelling feet...

Let's be honest even some of the CUTEST kids have smelly feet and we can't tell you how many parents have praised how well our scrubs have helped rectify their stinky situations. Our children love being able to use the product, I'm told it makes them feel like a grown up!

Any Suggestions?

Let us know on Facebook how you like to use your scrub. Do you have a way that we didn't mention? We love hearing from and interacting with our customers.

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Peace and Love,


Poison Apple Apothecary