Spring has Sprung! April 03 2015


Can you believe that it is already April?!? Here in Atlanta, spring is finally showing it’s beautiful face. Before you know it summer will be here and we’ll all want to look our best. I have SO much to share with you I can’t stand it so let’s get to it!




For a very limited time I am making a batch of perfume oil in Parlor and Scorned, our most requested former scents. I am only accepting pre-orders through April 15th. Bottles will be shipped by May 15th. I will only be making enough for what’s ordered so don’t wait or you’ll be very sad! Click here for the link to the store.


With each passing Valentine's Day, not much changes. At three in the morning she sits alone in the dead silence of the desolate room. She tightly clutches her cup of steaming tea, the only fuel keeping her going at this hour. A browning apple sits abandoned at one end of the table, long forgotten as all else but him has been. She scribbles furiously in her old leather journal, cursing him until the end of time. Time, after all, is the only thing she has.

Notes of black tea, red apple, leather, and aged paper.


The heady scent of pipe tobacco wafting through a large parlor with dark oak floors and imperial furnishings.


Spring Cleaning…


It’s been busy around here! New scents are coming and I’ve been doing inventory. Lucky for you this means clearance time. Do me a favor and take advantage of this ridiculously good offer on our clearance section. NONE of these scents are being discontinued. I am simply making room for fresh batches and the new scents. All are perfectly wonderful. Click here for the sale. Again this amazing offer ends on April 15th so hurry and get your savings on.


New Product

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting the Secret Garden and Temptation release. We should be all set by the end of the month. I am simply waiting on the redesign of the labels to be finalized and printed. This new method will allow us to release more exciting scents much quicker!


With that being said when SG and T are released we will also open up a new offering of a scent only available in a scrub. This is perfect for summer and will likely only last through the season so make sure you stock up. Without further ado I will introduce Ms. Caroline.


Ms. Caroline-

            This ray of sunshine is the sassy southern lady that is ready to sit in the garden and gossip over a tall glass of lemonade. Boasting bright lemon, lime, and orange this is the perfect wake you up scent.


Team Harley Update


So far we haven’t reached our goal for Team Harley. It’s okay because we’ve decided to leave the campaign live for another month. Please consider this worthy cause. See March’s newsletter for more info on Cystic Fibrosis and the Great Strides Foundation that we are supporting. Remember all profits from the collection go directly towards Great Strides.



Ghost of the Knoxville Girl Perfume Oil Samples were featured in the February Blissmo box. Check out what they had to say here. http://www.yogiapproved.com/product-reviews/blissmo-box-review-video/


The End


Thanks again for being so amazing and loyal! Please spread the word about our products, YOU are our best advertisement. Don’t forget we are looking for wholesale buyers that would like to carry the Apothecary line. If you know any interested parties send them my way. Have a Happy Easter and beautiful spring!


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Peace and Love,