Hello May May 04 2015

Greetings friends! Thanks for being so supportive and loyal to Poison Apple! I can't believe we are hitting our 6 month anniversary of being re-opened. Thanks for helping get the word out and please continue to promote us to your friends and family. Now on to news, we have some exciting things coming up!

Mother's Day


I am the proud mother of four children. This is a blessing beyond measure and I feel like I should be celebrating them for allowing me to be their mom. Make sure you call your own mother and let her know just how much she means to you. If you'd like to do something a little extra special consider ordering her a mini-combo, oil sampler or scrub to really spoil her. Use the code: ILOVEMOM for 15% off your order. One special customer that uses the mother's day code will receive a $10 gift certificate for FREE as a special thank you. 

Teacher Appreciation

The end of the school year is winding down and it's time to give thanks to the amazing teachers that have taken such good care of your babies. I suggest the mini scrubs and creams, they come in sets of four and are perfect tokens of appreciation.

Here We Grow Again...

Our new Spring and Summer scents will be available by May 11, 2015 for ordering. The highly anticipated Secret Garden and Temptation are the first to come but we have some exciting fragrances that we're announcing today here on the blog. I can't wait to see which ones you LOVE!


Imagine walking through a lush grove. This refined yet inexplicably simple fragrance is soft, green and fresh lending to a powerful fragrance all its own.



It’s not always easy restraining yourself from what you desire. This irresistible combination is unisex making it even more tempting. With exotic notes of amber, cinnamon, vanilla, myrrh, neroli and patchouli you will become the temptation of others.
MERMAIDS LAGOON (coming soon)
According to Greek legend Alexander the Great’s sister Thessaloniki was turned into a mermaid after death and took to living in the Aegean Sea. Any sailor that encountered her was asked only one question, “Is King Alexander alive?” To please her and evoke calm waters one must answer “He lives and reigns and conquers the world.” To give any other response would enrage her wrath stirring up a terrible storm and dooming the vessel and its occupants. Answer correctly and arouse a serenity about you with gentle breezes of salty sea air, lavender, lime and freesia.
MS. CAROLINE (coming soon...scrub only)
    This ray of sunshine is the sassy southern lady that is ready to sit in the garden and gossip over a tall glass of lemonade. Boasting bright lemon, lime, and orange this is the perfect wake you up scent.
PERSEPHONE (Coming Soon)
After her abduction by Hades, Persephone’s mother became enraged and made the earth barren and crops wither. It was pomegranate seeds that bound Persephone to Hades for one third of the year. The earth remained desolate during the four months of the year she was secluded to the underworld. Every year Spring is marked with Persephone’s return to her mother. This lush and creamy scent boasts a heavy sweet floral peony balanced by a sunny and tart lemon that lends a citrus zing and brightening effect much like Persephone’s presence on our world.


Wholesale Opportunities


We are looking for re-sellers for the Apothecary line. This is an exciting time in the company and we want to share the love of our products with as many people as possible. If you are, or know a store owner that would like the opportunity to carry our line, send them our way. We offer a sample kit that come with sample oils of our current line and 4 oz jars of a scrub and cream in matching scents of your choice. It costs $78 and 50% will be refunded with the first wholesale order. For more information please e mail jess@jessicavittorio.com

In Closing...

Thanks again for your support and encouragement. Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter! Happy May :)

Peace and Love,