Summer Fun! June 11 2015

It's June!
School's out for summer and we took a tiny break ourselves.  Most of you know I have four kiddos and a husband that's traveling the globe trying to capture all the best stories. Our whirlwind trip included the beach, two movie premieres and some horseback riding. If you're interested, check out this amazing film he produced with Director Andrew Morgan, The True Cost.
Shipping Rate Decrease
While the USPS is raising their rates we are lowering ours. Running a small business is tricky and calculating shipping rates could easily be a graduate program. After careful consideration and analyzing most rates have been lowered by at least $2.00. For example most orders using standard shipping with orders totaling LESS than $50 will only pay $5.00. Even better than lowering rates? Free Shipping on all domestic US orders over $100. It's always been that way and hasn't changed. Enjoy saving money :).
We have several new scents available that I just know you'll adore. There have been several teases on social media but they are truly here. Below you'll find the names and descriptions. Can't wait to see which you fall in love with first!
According to Greek legend Alexander the Greats sister Thessaloniki was turned into a mermaid after death and took to living in the Aegean Sea. Any sailor that encountered her was asked only one question, “Is King Alexander alive?” To please her and evoke calm waters one must answer “He lives and reigns and conquers the world.” To give any other response would enrage her wrath stirring up a terrible storm and dooming the vessel and its occupants. Answer correctly and arouse a serenity about you with gentle breezes of salty sea air, lavender, lime and freesia.
    This ray of sunshine is the sassy southern lady that is ready to sit in the garden and gossip over a tall glass of lemonade. Boasting bright lemon, lime, and orange this is the perfect wake you up scent. ***only available in sugar scrub***
After her abduction by Hades, Persephones mother became enraged and made the earth barren and crops wither. It was pomegranate seeds that bound Persephone to Hades for one third of the year. The earth remained desolate during the four months of the year she was secluded to the underworld. Every year Spring is marked with Persephones return to her mother. This lush and creamy scent boasts a heavy sweet floral peony balanced by a sunny and tart lemon that lends a citrus zing and brightening effect much like Persephone’s presence on our world.
Click clack your high heels towards this mysterious and magical city. Your senses become ensnared upon arrival with notes of freshly mowed grass and hints of vanilla. The brisk air circles you as you embark on your quest for truth then success.
Wholesale Opportunities
We have had several vendors inquire about carrying our products in their brick and mortar store and nothing thrills us more! If you own a boutique or would like a local store in your area to carry the apothecary line send them our way ( We have the Wholesale Sample Kit for those not familiar with our products (50% of the cost is credited on the first wholesale order).
Simply The Best...
Thank you all again for being simply wonderful! Without our customers we'd be nothing. Please feel free to get in touch if you ever have any questions. Don't forget to help spread the word on facebook, twitter and pinterest. We are also on instagram now too! 
Peace and Love,