The Apothecary is known for hand made luxurious sugar scrubs, body creams, and perfume oils. The line is designed for the heroine and villain in all of us. Its for the woman who wants to be sweet and edgy at the same time. Poison Apple lovers are both sassy and sexy trendsetters. Try one of our many scents from our growing line of products and we promise you won’t regret it. 

Our company started in Savannah back in 2009 and has grown vastly and changed ownership in 2014. The owner, Jessica Vittorio is passionate about the quality of her products. When you support Poison Apple Apothecary you are supporting a real person. Each of our products is hand made, filled, labeled, packaged and shipped by a very grateful and loving lady in Burbank, California. We know once you try our products you'll understand just why our customers are so loyal and possibly even addicted. Best of all? Every component is Made in the USA, this is a feat we are extremely proud of. Thank you for seeking us out, we appreciate each and every one of you.

Meet The Owner

Jessica Vittorio

Coke or Pepsi?

Definitely Coke! Never diet (like ever), fully leaded delicious classic Coca Cola.

Disney or (Is there anything else?)

Look at my picture. If I could go everyday I would, ok most days.


Oh I have a few. A customer told me that she calls her kids dragons so she can legitimately be "Mother of Dragons", I'm totally stealing that. I'm the mother of four dragons to be exact. 

What is MY favorite scent?

All of them? Ok the truth is that it varies by product and my mood. My most favorite is Secret Garden layered with Stone Cupid and I can't get enough of Lilith right now. Ms. Caroline and Hatter's Tea Party are my favorite scrubs and all the creams and soaps are my jam. 

What did you do in a past life? (aka before this)

As a child I had exactly three dreams I was determined to come true. 1) Be Scully from X Files. Then I found out medical school was involved so that was squashed. 2) Be a culinary genius. This could've happened if I wasn't the pickiest eater in the world. I eat lots of yummy things but not a lot of "normal" things everyone else seems to enjoy. (Mayonnaise makes me vomit so don't try disguising it as an aioli I'm onto your little trick) 3) Be a teacher. That one I accomplished for 6 years and I LOVED it! Maybe one day I'll get back in the classroom but for now I'm doing this and moonlighting as a documentary filmmaker with my husband.

Greatest song ever?

Ummm Africa by Toto. Obviously. 

Any questions?

E mail (jess@poisonappleapothecary.com) me or hit me up on social media. We have a facebook page and instagram so be sure to follow us and join in on the conversation.