Cold Process Soap

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Every batch is different in color and fragrance and is based on the inspiration of the day. Some will contain natural colors and fragrance oils as well depending on the scent. This much is true, it is a beautiful piece of artwork and a lovely addition to any sink.

*indicates that this scent is available in our full line

But First, Coffee:

This is a traditional roasted coffee with nutty notes rounded off with the smoothest of creams. Made with cold brew coffee and freshly ground Armenian coffee. 

Chocolate Lavender:

French lavender marries with creamy milk chocolate and finishes off with notes of amber and jasmine. It is truly something to experience, unique and decadent.


*Mermaid's Lagoon: 

According to Greek legend, Alexander the Great's sister Thessaloniki was turned into a mermaid after death and took to living in the Aegean Sea. Any sailor that encountered her was asked only one question, "Is King Alexander alive?" To please her and evoke calm waters one must answer "He lives and reigns and conquers the world." To give any other response would enrage her wrath stirring up a terrible storm and dooming the vessel and its occupants. Answer correctly and arouse a serenity about you with gentle breezes of salty sea air, lavender, lime and freesia.


*Mr. Holmes:

This is whom you turn to in your most desperate times of need. His intuitive sense and fantastical abilities leave you wanting to linger in his presence. This is the man that solves your problems long before you knew they existed. He is strong and sexy in a way that only a proper gentleman could be. Wear this distinctly masculine fragrance with layers of spicy black pepper laced with bergamot and lavender combined with the warm and mysterious oriental woodsy scent with slight musk notes of Egyptian Sandalwood.


This unscented version of our soap is for those customers that want to look and feel luxurious while being covert. Blend into the background while being soft and smooth, become invisible yet irresistible to the touch. *dye and fragrance free


Queen Victoria Takes A Bath: 

This soap is fit for royalty. It's a creamy scent combining the sweetness of almond, fresh oats, frothy milk and honey. Slip into total relaxation while your kingdom waits.

Unicorn Daydream:

Brighten your day with this citrus explosion of lime, grapefruit, lemon and notes of black cherry. It is a far out experience, no unicorns were harmed in the making of this soap, we just borrowed their dreams.

*Hatter's Tea Party:  

Welcome to the mad tea party! This curious blend is the perfect perfume for just this occasion. Would you like a spot? This blend boasts a cup of tea, a dash of spices, a crisp butter cookie, and a generous helping of blood orange.

Shave and a Hair Cut: 

Take a step back in time and into a vintage barber shop where you enjoy a warm towel on your newly shaven skin and pat yourself down with the vibrant aroma of bergamot and fresh basil leaves enhanced by earthy oakmoss and white patchouli. Now you’re ready to take on the day in the freshest way possible.


It’s not always easy restraining yourself from what you desire. This irresistible combination is unisex making it even more tempting. With exotic notes of amber, cinnamon, vanilla, myrrh, neroli and patchouli you will become the temptation of others.

Garden of Hesperides

The Garden of Hesperides is an orchard belonging to Hera and produces golden apples that impart immortality on those who eat them. The Hesperides were responsible for tending the grove. It is now thought that the “golden apples” were actually oranges. Our soap is a jaunty expression of citrus splashes in orange, lime and tangerine expertly blended with thyme to round out this exotic scent. We can’t promise immortality but we can promise you’ll smell amazing.

Once Upon A Dream

Drift off on fluffy clouds of bliss as you bathe with this perfectly balanced scent of lavender and lemongrass. It may lead you to true love or just a good night’s sleep, we promise neither but that you’ll enjoy the experience.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Personally we believe pink is appropriate any day of the week. Release your inner mean girl with this delicate and feminine scent. It’s reminiscent of a garden abundant with peonies and bright splashes of tart lemon and a hint of cream. To put it simply…it smells PINK. You’ll be making all the other girls jealous with this one ;).

Sarah Elizabeth

This sweet and innocent little girl offers more than meets the eye. Our heroine can be described as perfectly delicate, deceivingly strong and exceptionally feminine. Beautifully complex and simple at the same time this profile opens with a spark of apricot and verbena that drifts into a sensual orchid speckled with pink amber and white wood.

*Black Ring Mafia

If you have to ask, then you don't need to know. Full bodied black currant, smoky vanilla bean, and hints of musk.

*Poison No. 12

Poison No. 12 is truly a dark wintry scent. Deep purple figs offer a sweet top note while golden amber and fragrant myrrh offerings round out this perfume.


*Secret Garden

Imagine walking through a lush grove. This refined yet inexplicably simple fragrance is soft, green and fresh lending to a powerful fragrance all its own.

Caterpillar's Pipe

In the most curious of places we encountered the hookah smoking caterpillar puffing rings of mysterious figures while pontificating on the meaning of life. We slowly inhale and take in hints of eucalyptus, green apple, bergamot, then cashmere, black pepper, clove, geranium  ending with amber, black cardamom, sandalwood and patchouli. But beware you make become intoxicated and can't be held responsible for your next actions.

Wish You Were Here

Take a mental vacation in the Italian region of Tuscany filled with the fragrance of an olive branch warmed by Mediterranean sun, with notes of dewy fig leaves, sea mist, cyclamen petals and wild violets. Then visit orchards boasting crisp nectarine and sweet apple blossom blend with garden herbs and wild honey.


Enchanted Rose

Suspended in time the scent of this enchanted rose never fades, fresh green leaves and bright red rose petals. This soap features a sprinkling of red rose petals on top.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Ready your wands to defend against evil and dirt. This intoxicating blend of apple, pear, geranium, chamomile, lotus flower, patchouli and musk will lull your enemies and grime into a tranquil submission. Enhanced with activated charcoal for maximum effectiveness. 


Orange Blossom & Thyme

This is a throwback to one of our very first batches of soap. This time in much bigger and more colorful bars. Bright citrus, honeysuckle and orange blossom are enhanced with hints of fresh herbs.

Baby Got Bath

The oil for this soap infused with herbs and flowers for several days then blended with a water infused with the same ingredients. This bar is super gentle containing NO colors or dyes. *infused with camomile, rosemary, peppermint, rose and juniper berries.

Ms. American Pie

Celebrate this glorious country with our soap that smells like HOT apple pie fresh from the oven. 

Wooden Soap Dishes

These unique dishes are hand crafted by a wood artisan in Athens, Georgia. This batch is reclaimed lumber from an abandoned factory in Columbus. Each one is totally different in appearance. Soap dishes are vital to the longevity of your soap. They allow proper air circulation which will dramatically lengthen the life of the product, meaning you can enjoy your soap even longer.




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